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As an assembling research organization, LABORES members suggest activities such as seminars and colloquiums that can be held on the premises made available by the Maison des Associations of Paris with rooms seating 19 and 50 people rooms.

Located in the historical center of Paris in the 6th. arrondissement of the Latin quarter (the neighborhood of the historical schools of Paris: Sorbonne, ENS, Polytechnique and Collège de France), in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in which church the memorial (and possibly some rests) of Descartes is situated, it takes only the width of the Seine river to get to the Louvre museum. It is also only a couple of blocks away from the Institut de France, the legendary Académie des Sciences, and the bibliothèque Mazarine, the oldest public library in France (storing several jewels, such as one of the few complete Gutenberg bibles, mémoires of Lagrange, Euler, Laplace, and others). You can make use of the library for free for a single day, or get a week pass for 5-7 Euros or an annual pass for about 14 Euros.

The place is also surrounded by some of the bests restaurants in the capital, such as Lapérouse, Jaques Cagna, Ze Kitchen and the Relais Louis XIII.

Place Dauphine, where one can experience Paris away from its frenzy life as if you were in the countryside, is a couple of blocks away. Also close to the legendary (said to be the oldest) café Le Procope, the 24 hours open Pub Saint-Germain and the cafe Les Deux Magots.

There are many hotels around (all a few blocks away from LABORES and in the heart of Paris). This is a non exhaustive list of some of them sorted from higher to lower rates (it is recommended to book with enough anticipation).

Highest rate (4 stars):

Medium rate (2 and 3 stars):

Best rate (recommended 2 and 3 stars):

Cheapest (unadvisable) options for the adventurous:

The San Francisco Books is a bookstore in the neighborhood selling new and second-hand (including Science, Math and Philosophy) English books. Of course, there are the legendary bookstores: the (worldwide) largest bookstore in philosophy Vrin (English and French) in the square of the Sorbonne, the Shakespeare Co. (only English) for which Discovery Channel devoted a special documentary, and the huge Joseph Gibert bookstore (also new and second-hand) on Saint Michel Ave. in front of the Museum of the Middle Ages.

If you want to discuss with friends in a quiet place, you can either head to the Dauphine Square (Place Dauphine), possibly one of the latest silent spots in the very center of Paris and take a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in one of the nice wine bars or coffee places, or head to the also beautiful passage Dauphine (you can either enter from the rue Dauphine or the rue Mazarin) and take a cup of tea in the specialized tea place.

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