For the Natural and Digital Sciences


(co-)organized by LABORES:

Future events where LABORES involvement (tbc)

  • Computability, Complexity and Randomness (and workshop on “graph algorithmic complexity”)
  • Information Theory and Animal Communication (to be confirmed)



Computer generated image by Hector Zenil “Visualising the Computational Universe: Runtime Space in a Peano Curve” winner of the 2011 Kroto Scientific Image Award. It shows the calculation of the distribution of runtimes from simulating (4n+2)^(4n)=10000 Turing machines with 2 symbols and n=2 states (of a total of more than 10^12 simulated Turing machines with up to n=4 states) following a quasi-lexicographical order in a Peano curve preserving–as far as possible–the distance between 2 machines arranged in a 2-dimensional array from a 1-dimensional enumeration of Turing machines.


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